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Legendary Tech Expert Makes BOLD 5G Prediction

One man just blew the lid off the 5G Internet story.

He’s pointed out a despicable secret the Big Internet companies don’t want you to know – and it reveals the ugly truth about 5G…

His name is Ray Blanco, and he’s spent over 20 years working in the tech sector.

And what he says about 5G tech is shocking:

“5G may NEVER deliver on its promise of lightning fast Internet across the country.”

The reason is simple…5G radio waves can’t travel long distances.

So in order to get 5G speeds you need to be standing right next to a 5G cell tower.

That means, in order to create a true nationwide 5G network…

It would require millions of 5G towers – and BILLIONS of extra dollars the Big Internet companies just aren’t likely to pay.

But there’s an alternative…

“Internet from Space” – or as Ray likes to call it “Halo-Fi” – could be the lightning-fast alternative to 5G we’ve been looking for.

Some people are already using it – and getting Internet speeds up to 100x FASTER than what most people have – at a fraction of the cost.

So why haven’t you heard of it?

Well, “Halo-Fi” is a major threat to the profits of “Big Internet” – and that’s especially true now that 5G is almost here.

But now that you know the truth, you can potentially make a tidy profit from it!

Ray explains how you can get the details in his latest free presentation, right here:

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