Did This Pot Stock Expert Just Identify the Best Play of 2019?

In 2018, a new Farm Bill officially made it legal for farmers to grow hemp – giving a HUGE boost to the legal marijuana market.

As a result, pot stock investors saw a new wave of wealth flood through the markets.

But few predicted one obscure $2 pot stock could be at the forefront of this new boom.

Now thanks to their breakthrough cannabis research, global media giants have taken notice.

The Washington Post believes their work is “the most important public health initiative of the century…”

America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has become interested in their advancements.

With the Government having already placed a 2.4 million sample order of their subsidiaries’ work.

It’s looking like nothing, not even the United States Government itself, can keep this tiny company from

becoming 2019’s biggest pot stock story.

Now, the marijuana craze has minted countless new millionaires.

But, most regular Americans have yet to strike “gold.”

Which is why this opportunity is so exciting for regular Americans.

And why one legendary pot stock investor put this $2 pot stock on his private watch list.

Keep in mind, this man has predicted what others couldn’t about cannabis for years.

For example:

  • In June of 2017 he released a pot stock prediction that was up 164% in just over a month.
  • In February of this year it happened AGAIN. Giving readers of his other  high end newsletter the chance to nearly 2x their money in a few weeks’ time.

His name is Ray Blanco, and he’s positioned himself as one of the leading experts at the forefront of the legal marijuana boom.

And he specializes in showing everyday folks the tricks they need to stay one step ahead of the rest of the market.

That’s why he’s decided to share the details of his stunning research with the general public today by giving them a way to claim a free copy of his Marijuana Millionaires Playbook.

But as a fair warning: He only has a limited number of copies to give away so you must act quickly to secure your copy.

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