Folks Born After 1943 Might Want To Pay Close Attention To This Famous Finance Expert’s Discovery…

“You Can Now Legally Boost Your Social Security Payouts Every Month!”

The average Social Security check paid out in 2018 was for just $1,404, according to The Motley Fool.

That works out to just $16,848 per year… hardly enough to get by comfortably on these days.

And that’s before taxes!

But not long ago, I recently stumbled upon a shocking mandate by the Social Security Administration…

One that lets ANY U.S. senior who was born after 1943 significantly boost their Social Security payouts every month!

For most folks, that extra monthly income would have a HUGE impact on their finances, right?

And although it’s drop-dead simple (all you need to do is fill out a simple form) and 100% legal to boost your payouts…

Almost nobody knows this exists!

In fact, in 2016, an average of only 3.75% of folks took advantage of this.

And that’s a shame…

Because that extra monthly Social Security income would change retirement for a lot of folks.

In fact…

During a recent investigative report, for instance, CNBC came across a flight attendant who took advantage of this and boosted her monthly benefits by roughly $1,000.

As she said of this, “for somebody who hasn’t worked hard their whole life and didn’t have a job that had substantial income for most of their life… you need to take every opportunity to make it the best you can.”

Keep in mind… you paid into Social Security for your entire life. This is your money — money you’re currently leaving on the table.

And surprisingly, collecting this money couldn’t be easier. You just need to make one small change when filing for benefits.

Now, since the SSA publishes this information for free, you could spend countless hours digging through the complicated Social Security Administration website to find this…

But I recently wrote a brand-new book, titled The Little Black Book of Income Secrets

And inside, on page 7, I share the step-by-step instructions to using this to boost your benefits.

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What’s the catch?

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