Let me tell you about these overlooked strategies I’ve found…

“Mike, I didn’t think it was possible to retire comfortably without a lot of savings. You’ve given me hope!”

Ever Heard Of These Reliable Income Sources?

What if the key isn’t retirement savings…but retirement income?Imagine the peace of mind when enough is coming in to take care of the day-to-day…So that a stockpile of savings doesn’t even matter...And the market rising and falling has no effect.

What if the key isn’t retirement savings… but retirement income?

Imagine the peace of mind when enough is coming in to take care of the day-to-day…

…so that a stockpile of savings doesn’t even matter…

…and the market rising and falling has no effect.

Look, I’ve got a successful 30-year career in Wall Street – so I know and understand the financial world.

But I’ve also seen how Wall Street can just “miss” some very simple but powerful concepts that can make all the difference in retirement.

Let me tell you about Curt.

Now “Curt” isn’t a real person – but he represents the real stories of retirees I’ve seen time and time again.

See, Curt is intelligent – and he’s been a hard worker for decades.

He provided for his family.

And there was always some expense that took his attention…

It was the mortgage, college for the kids, the occasional medical cost.

Before he knew it, he was right at retirement age – and he was worried he didn’t have the nest egg he would need.

He’s smart and could see the situation he was in.

But at this late point, Curt wondered what he could do.

He had dreams of spending lots of time with the grandkids, catching up on his hobbies – maybe even some volunteering in the community.

And for Curt, he was afraid those dreams were fading.

But then… Curt got my “Little Black Book.”

It’s my book full of 46 of these “missed” strategies that can help people like Curt go about retirement a different way…

…a way that focuses on having a regular flow coming in like clockwork.

Curt was able to put one of the strategies from my “black book” into practice.

It took less than an hour on the phone – and already he could feel his sense of burden lifting.

But here’s where it gets really powerful.

He was able to take that new stream and reinvest it into another idea from my book.

Curt’s results were now compounded – the snowball effect had begun.

Fast forward a little bit… and Curt had a new outlook on retirement.

He slept better at night… and so did his grandkids after he was able to take them to the lake.

Learn more about my “Little Black Book” here: smarturl.it/BlackLF

Now I’ve got to point this out…

I know everyone is unique.

The strategies one person uses might not be a good fit for someone else. Personalities, abilities, circumstances, and results vary.

But that’s one thing that makes my “Little Black Book” so great…

It’s packed with a total of 46 of these ideas…

So there’s a good chance that one of them will “stick out” as a great fit.

(And it only takes just one of them to change the game.)

– – For homeowners over 62 years old, I show a strategy on page 85 that’s one of the most powerful in the whole book.

– – For retirees holding money in a bank account, I explain on page 71 the critical flaw in that approach – and what to do instead.

– – For stock investors, page 53 has my approach to getting what I call “an instant dividend.”

– – For retirees with hardly any savings, page 57 and page 83 are two simple strategies to check out first.

– – For almost anyone, page 23 has the very first tip I recommend to look into.

And these are just the beginning.

Look, I’ve been a contributor on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV…

But I’m even more excited about getting this book into your hands…

…because I’ve seen what it can do.

Get my “Little Black Book” today: smarturl.it/BlackLF

Mike Burnick has done it all in the financial industry. In his 30+ career, he’s been an analyst, a director of research, and personally directed a fund of over $100 million.

He’s seen and experienced every boom and bust along the way.

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