5 Easy Tips for Extra Income

Through Wealth Watch, I show tens of thousands of folks how to boost their retirement income to grow their wealth.

As a reader, you’re well on your way to making the money you need to live the retirement you’ve always wanted.

But income is only half the equation. The other half is saving more than you spend.

That’s why I’ve prepared The Retirement Freebie Cheat Sheet for you. Once you know about these retirement freebies, you can live the good life in retirement… for pennies on the dollar.

Plus, with all that money you save, you can reinvest it to continue growing your retirement income.

Starting to see how it snowballs quickly?

Let’s get right into it…

#1: Get VIP Seats at the Game — for FREE

Want to get the best seats at the big game without paying a small fortune? Who doesn’t!

Luckily, getting the best seats for free couldn’t be easier. Here’s how…

Buy the cheapest tickets in the worst seats to get into the game. Then, when it starts, head to Ticketmaster (or any other ticket vendor) and look for the most expensive open seats. When the game starts, they still have unsold tickets up.

This lets you see what seats are empty. Then, when you find the best seat that’s still available, just move down. Because the seat is empty anyway, you’re not bothering anyone.

This won’t always work, but you’d be surprised how often it does.

#2: Catch the Latest Movie Without Paying a Cent for Tickets

Who doesn’t like to relax from time to time by catching the latest movie?

Well, from now on, you can do it without paying a single cent. Here’s how…

The job of a movie publicist is to generate buzz over the latest movies before they come out. They do that by arranging advance movie screenings in theaters across the country.

These movie screenings are completely free. And you’ll be in a small handful of folks who get to see the movie before everyone else.

So how do you do this?

That’s easy!

You’ll want to start by finding a screening. Just click right here to see a complete list of movies and screenings.

From there, just select the screening you want to attend and RSVP (which is completely free).

Be sure to print your free tickets. Then, on the day of the screening, show up with your tickets and kick back with an exclusive group of people who are seeing the movie before everyone else.

#3: Save BIG on Groceries

What if you could save thousands on your groceries every year? What would you do with all of that extra cash?

Well, surprisingly, saving all of that money at the grocery store couldn’t be easier.

It’s just a matter of finding the right coupons. Not the little “$0.10 off” ones but ones that will save you big money.

So how do you find those coupons?

If you sign up for deals and recipes by email, you can potentially receive up to $250 in coupons.

For example, if you click right here, you can sign up to receive deals through Betty Crocker.

And right here you can sign up to see all the deals that Pillsbury has to offer.

Best of all, although these are limited to one per person, you can have family members and friends sign up too to get even more coupons. It couldn’t be easier! And this money will add up faster than you’d think.

#4: Get a FREE Degree?

One of the most productive (and fun) ways to spend your time in retirement is to learn a new subject.

You can do it without spending a dime and even get a degree out of it, all in your spare time.

It’s all thanks to University of the People, the world’s first nonprofit, tuition-free, accredited academic institution.

Now, there is an application fee and testing fee. But all of the classes are completely tuition-free and there are dozens of courses.

This is a great way to challenge yourself, learn a new skill and have fun doing it!

Just click here to learn more.

#5: Get FREE Books

Reading is one of the greatest ways to spend your time in retirement. It’s fun and helps keep your mind sharp!

And thanks to Project Gutenberg, you can get lost in a book without having to pay a single cent.

That’s because Project Gutenberg is the first and largest collection of e-books on the internet.

Everything on the site is in the public domain, so you can browse through and download as many books as you’d like. You can even create your own collection!

Just head right here.

I hope you enjoyed this list of money-saving strategies.